Fashion Creatives is free. But you can significantly improve your odds of getting applicants or jobs by upgrading. Discover new opportunities with the Fashion Creatives Premium.


Premium (19.99 EUR)

By choosing Premium you can post an unlimited number of jobs instead of just the 3 free monthly offers. Look for as many candidates as you want, as many times as you want!

You can create online mood boards to inspire your employees and target suitable artists. Candidates will therefore apply based on a tangible project and contribute an appropriate skillset.

If you have a job available in the coming days and need to find a candidate quickly, the Urgent feature enables you to keep your offer at the top of the list for 48 hours. Thanks to its position at the top of the list, your offer will be far more visible. Suitable candidates will also be notified. This feature can only be used once.

You can also view the candidates who have seen your job offer.


Unlimited (1.99 EUR)

By choosing Unlimited you can apply for any number of jobs instead of just the 3 free monthly offers. Apply for as many jobs as you want and increase your chances of finding the position that suits you.

Books (1.99 EUR)

Would you like recruiters to see your work and notice your skills? With Books you can post your portfolio and promote your knowledge through images. You can also organise your different specialties and talents into themes.

Alerts (1.99 EUR)

With Alerts you can filter the offers that interest you and save them in your Favourites tab to fine-tune your job search. You can also choose to receive notifications about your search profiles.

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